Entertain Your Guests With Wedding Activities

Let’s be honest, wedding guests can get antsy between activities.  To increase the fun factor at your wedding consider including a few of the following activities.  Let me be clear though, DO NOT do all of these, half of these or even a fourth of these.  Instead, choose only a few activities and do them well!  Too many activities will make your event about the games and not about your marriage.

Yard Games

There are so many options for yard games.  There is corn hole, ring toss, jenga, horseshoes, checkers, connect four, scrabble, beersbee, tic-tac-toe, lawn bowling, croquet, bocce ball and burlap sack races just to name a few.  Get creative and pick whichever ones you like the most. Here are even more ideas.

Interactive Games and Dances

  • The shoe game is a great way to give people as break from the dance floor for some laughs.  Bridal Guide describes it as follows, “Remove both of your shoes, then trade a shoe with your new spouse so that you’re holding one of each. Then, have a designated person ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relationship (i.e.. “Who will be doing most of the cooking?” “Who said ‘I love you’ first?”). After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question.”  See their blog post for more details.
  • Get your guests involved in the shoe game by giving them something to hold up to weigh in on the questions.  Some people print the face of the bride and groom for their guests to hold up.
  • The dollar dance is a bit controversial to some, but it can be hysterical if you’re up for it.  Traditionally, guests contribute money to the bride and groom in order to dance with them.  The money can be for the honeymoon or whatever they want.  Luckily, The Knot wrote a post about etiquette for and alternatives to the dollar dance.
  • The anniversary dance gets guests of all ages on the dance floor.  Ask all married couples to come dance to a classic tune.  Then excuse couples in order of how many years they have been married starting with 1 year and working your way up.  This is a great way to celebrate lasting love!


Get your guests up and moving by creating stations spread around your venue with actives.

  • Have a table for guests to make their own party favor.  The can personalize their favor or select their favor from several options.
  • Food stations such as candy bars, s’mores bars and baked potato stations are always a hit.  Guests love options!    Here are more food station  and drink station ideas.
  • Depending on your crowd, you could do wine, craft beer or whiskey tasting stations.  We especially like the idea of a Kentucky Bourbon tastings here in Kentucky.
  • For the guys you could even do a cigar rolling station.

Photo Activities

Photographers capture the beauty of your day, but they don’t always get all the casual, candid and comical moments.  Photo activities can help you and your guests see your event from different angles in an entertaining way.

  • A traditional option is to hire a photo booth to set up at your event.  They provide all kinds of props and usually give you access to see all the photos afterward.  You can personalize your photo booth with a custom backdrop (ideas here).
  • Do a polaroid seating chart or guestbook to keep track of everyone that attends your event.
  • Print I Spy cards to encourage your guests to take certain pictures throughout the event.
  • Even without hiring a photo booth you can creative a fun photo backdrop for your guests to snag photos in front of.
  • I love the idea of doing a video booth to capture messages from your guests.  You can ask them to say something specific or let them be creative.

Table Activities

Consider table activities if you want to provide things for your guest to do that don’t require a lot of space or even for them to get up.  Mad lib sheets, advice booklets and icebreaker activities are always a hit if your guests are the type to give them a chance.  In the advice booklets you could ask for date ideas, anniversary ideas or even marriage advice.  Etsy has soooooo many options.

Creative Guestbooks

A standard guestbook is totally fine if that is your style, but their are so many way to jazz up this oftentimes dull task.  You can venture out from the norm by having one of the following as your guestbook.

  • Have guests sign pieces of a Jenga or puzzle set.
  • A Map or globe where people pin where they are from and sign their name.
  • Guests can leave a note on quilt square.
  • Ask guests to put their finger print on a canvas.  There are so many shape options for this and Etsy is a great place to see your options.
  • Have small pieces of paper for your guests to write a message to put in a bottle.  You could burry the bottle as a time capsule to be opened on 1st, 5th and/0r 10th anniversary.
  • Provide a giant color-in mural for guests to add to throughout the night, like a paint by numbers.  Guests can sign the portion they color.
  • Praise Wedding gives you 28 other guestbook ideas.

Kid Friendly Fun

There are so many activity options for keeping the kiddos busy at your wedding.  Know your crowd and choose games that are appropriate for the age and taste of the kids.  Consider: board games, custom wedding coloring books, I Spy with disposable cameras, holla hoops and/or glow sticks.  BuzzFeed gives you even more ideas.

Get Social

  • Have a custom wedding hashtag so you can easily find all the images your guests and vendors are taking at your event.  Be sure to post the hashtag where everyone will see it.
  • You could even do a custom Snapchat filter to make your snaps extra special.

We also love these 31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas from BuzzFeed, these 30 Unique Wedding Ideas from The Knot and these 10 Wedding Games That Your Guests Will Love.

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