Recap of Our Spring Open House

When you try something new you just never know exactly how things are going to turn out.  So on April 8th, we had no idea what to expect when we hosted our very first open house.  Would people come?  Would vendors be interested?  Would we get support from the Danville community?  Luckily, the answer to all these questions was yes!  We had over 200 guests tour the Warrenwood Manor grounds during the event and we couldn’t be more thankful to everyone! The weather was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have ask for more support, love and encouragement from everyone who attended!

  • Couples who are already booked at Warrenwood used the open house as an opportunity to meet wedding professionals and discuss the floor plan and logistics for their event.
  • Couples interested in having their wedding at Warrenwood toured the property and got more information about what Warrenwood has to offer.
  • Wedding professionals were able to see what’s new at Warrenwood and mingle with potential clients.
  • The general public was delighted to see what has become of this treasured local landmark.  It was amazing to hear stories of how different people in the community have a connection to the history of Warrenwood and it’s former owners.

We couldn’t have done this event without our event sponsors.  We all worked together to make Warrenwood look amazing and provide an experience that every guest could find something of interest.

Stems LLC provided 16 beautiful floral arrangements to dress up the venue.  The large urn arrangement she did for the entry hall was just stunning.

Bryant’s Rent-All showcased four different table settings of varying styles and color palettes along with several linen and furniture rental options.

Chaplin River Catering, Dupree Catering + Events and Southern Plate Catering gave guests a sampling of what they do best.  There was a fruit tray, veggie tray, cheese platter, finger sandwiches and mini hot browns just to name a few of the options.

Sweets by Cindy brought a tasty three-tier ivory naked cake along with mini cupcakes of three flavors.  My favorite mini cupcake was Death by Chocolate, but the Butterscotch Bacon flavor was a hit too.

Keith & Melissa Photography were on-site during the event to capture all the details of the event. We have them to thank for all of these beautiful pictures! If you haven’t liked their page on Facebook or followed them on Instagram get on over there and do it!

If you weren’t able to make it to our event, here are some photos to give you a taste for what the day was like.  Enjoy!

Spring at Warrenwood Manor, a central Kentucky wedding venue
Sponsors for Warrenwood Manor Open House
Entry Hall at Warrenwood Manor with large floral arrangement
Tulip, ranuculus and hydrangea centerpieces with rose gold vases by Stems, LLC
Small arrangement by Stems LLC for cocktail table
Ivory, gold and blush table setting in Warrenwood Manor by Stems LLC and Bryant's Rent All
Gold and silver place setting
Cheese platter by Chaplin River Catering
Fruit platter at Open House by Chaplin River Catering
Warrenwood Manor Dining Room
Dessert platter at Warrenwood Manor Open House
Finger sandwiches at Warrenwood Manor Open House
Sample ceremony setup at Warrenwood Manor Open House with benches
Warrenwood Manor Barn
Appetizers on pallet bar in Warrenwood Manor barn
Cheese platter by Dupree Catering
Mini Hot Browns made by Southern Plate Catering
Cheese Platter by Dupree Catering
Mint, Purple & Gold Garden Inspired Table Setting
Mint, Purple & Gold Garden Inspired Table Setting
Mint, Purple & Gold Garden Inspired Table Setting
Orange Floral Arrangement
Copper Table Setting from Bryant's Rent-All and Stems LLC
Vineyard table and chairs with copper accents
Vineyard table and chairs with copper accents in Warrenwood Manor Barn
Pink and Ivory tablesetting at Warrenwood Manor Open House by Bryant's Rent-All and Stems LLC
Pink and Ivory tablesetting with Hydrangea and Rose centerpiece
Pink and Ivory tablesetting with Ivory plates and silver utensils
Open House Idea: Print photo books to showcase photos for events in wach space of the venue
Three-tier ivory naked cake with pink roses by Sweets by Cindy
Cupcakes by Sweets by Cindy
Cupcakes by Sweets by Cindy
Cupcakes by Sweets by Cindy


Wedding & Event Styling 102: 10 Event Styling Tips & Tricks

10 Event Styling Tips
10 Event Styling Tips
10 Event Styling Tips
Pink, Coral and Ivory Bridesmaids' Bouquets
Let Love Grow Tree Favors

As we discussed in our last blog post Wedding & Event Styling 101: The Basics, event styling is the artistic process of mixing shapes, colors, and textures to create a custom and cohesive event look.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, these 10 event styling tips and tricks will keep you sane as you plan the rest of your wedding or event.

#1:  Be Yourself!

Think about what will make your event special, different and personal.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with any of your event design decisions, but you do want to have an event that you are proud of, represents you well and makes you happy!  Is it bad that I love it when a bride walks in for a sneak peek of the reception we’ve styled on her behalf and cries because she loves it so much? Because I’m going to be honest, I love that reaction!

#2: Manage your expectations.

Pinterest, blogs and magazines showcase so many jaw-droppingly stunning events, but you have to be realistic about what works with your venue on your budget.  Yes, Kim Kardashian’s floral ceremony backdrop was gorgeous, but it’s really not worth a down payment on a house to have one at your wedding.  And yes, it is really cool to have your cake table suspended from the ceiling (love that idea!), but who will do all that work?

#3:  Timeless is better than trendy.

It is easy to get sucked into the trends of the year.  Everyone has something to say about what is so in or so out now.  Since trends change all the time, don’t ignore timeless style options.  You want to be able to look at your wedding pictures twenty years from now and feel good about the style decisions you made.  If you do choose to embrace something trendy, moderation is key.

#4:  Keep it simple.

Your wedding day isn’t about the flowers, linens or table runners.  It isn’t about a curated guestbook table or an elaborate food display either.  Focus on what really matters to you and forget the rest.  Sure, Pinterest DIY projects seem easy, but the time, cost and planning add up to a stressful to do list.  Keep all the “STUFF” to a minimum so you, your family and your friends can enjoy a stress-free celebration. Or, if those things are super important to you, make sure your budget allows for you to hire helpers.

#5:  It’s not ALL about you.

Your groom may or may not be interested in the planning of your wedding day, but nonetheless don’t forget to consider him in the event design.  Try to do at least one thing that he’ll get excited about.  For example, we had four types of locally-made beef jerky at my informal, afternoon wedding reception because I knew my husband would love it!  Also, don’t forget to consider what your friends and family would love too.

#6:  Trust your vendors.

If you have carefully selected your vendors, they are probably really good at what they do.  Trust them to handle the little details so you don’t have to deal with it.  You have more important things to worry about than providing plates for the appetizers or grabbing lighters for the sparkler send off.  Let the professionals handle it.  Your vendors can also be great resources to help you make the best design decisions for your budget and style.  Be sure to get them all the information they need to do their job.

#7:  Use what you have, borrow what you can and rent the rest.

Don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy a ton of stuff for your wedding.  Most likely you have things around your home that can be used for your wedding.  For example, I used platters I had gotten at a bridal shower to display my reception food.  Since I had registered for these platters they were items I really liked and I saved money by not needing to rent platters.   I also borrowed and rented vases for my centerpieces.  Renting items oftentimes allows you to have nicer items than you could afford to purchase.  If you have to buy an item for your wedding, consider buying a used, refurbished or up-cycled option.

#8:  Spend your money where it counts.

Prioritize spending on areas or items with the greatest impact on the look of your event or the experience of your guests.  You don’t need to decorate every inch of the venue.  Determine your event focal points by thinking about what will be photographed and what will be seen the most.

#9:  Variety is the spice of life!

Things don’t have to be identical to go together.  You can create a more interesting look by combining items with individual character.  For example, it is fine to have all matching centerpieces, but for more visual interest you could mix bud vases, boxed floral arrangements and layered candles for a more complex vibe.

#10:  Stay organized to stay sane.

Keep track of who will be doing what and when.  Don’t underestimate the value of timelines, to-do lists, labels, floor plans, sketches and inspirational images.

I hope these tips come in handy!  I don’t even pretend to know it all, so comment below with other wedding and event styling tips or just tell me about your event styling experience.  I love hearing from you!




Wedding and Event Styling 101: The Basics

Wedding and Event Styling 101
Check out these basic tips for styling your next event!
Barn Wedding Ceremony at Warrenwood Manor with a Navy, Pale Pink and Ivory Color Palette
Barn Wedding Ceremony at Warrenwood Manor with a Navy, Pale Pink and Ivory Color Palette
Photo by: Kevin and Anna Photography
Couple exiting ceremony down aisle lined with stumps and purple florals
Rustic Elegance: Couple exiting ceremony down aisle lined with stumps and purple florals

Event styling is the artistic process of mixing shapes, colors, and textures to create a custom and cohesive event look.  It’s linens, florals, decor, and dinnerware.  It’s table placing, table settings, sign hanging, bow tieing, candle lighting and so much more.  Anyone can style an event, but it takes time and planning as well as a vision.  It is important to remember that your event should be a reflection of who you are and what you care about.  It’s really not as complicated as it sounds, so we’ve compiled some event styling tips to help you throughout the planning process.

Getting Started

Start by making a list of three or four words that describe the vibe or feel you want your wedding day to have.  For example, my husband and I wanted a relaxed event filled with rustic charm and southern elegance.  These terms make it easier to stay on target.  With every decision you make ask yourself, “Does this fit the vibe I want?”

Sometimes the words we use to describe what we think we want aren’t actually what we want or aren’t nuanced enough for other people to understand what we want.  To avoid misunderstandings try finding three or four inspirational images for each aspect of your event (ceremony, reception, cake, flowers, etc.). Describe what you do and don’t like about each image.

As an example, here are the inspirational words and images I used to pull together the floral design for my wedding.  My inspiration words/phrase was, “Relaxed southern elegance with a hint of the farm!”

Event Styling: Rustic Elegent Floral Design Inspiration
Inspirational images for my wedding’s southern elegant floral design
Event Styling: Shades of Purple Rustic Elegant Floral Design Barn Wedding
The floral design for my wedding by Doug Smith Designs + Events.

For more images from my wedding check out one of our very first blog posts, Wedding #1: Our Wedding.

Venue Selection & Season

Next, decide on your venue and event date.  Consider your venue and event date at the same time since venue availability is often limited and weather restrictions may apply.  If you are dead-set on a certain venue you may need to be flexible on the date/season and if you are dead-set on a date/season you may need to be flexible with your venue selection.  Every venue has characteristics that lend themselves best to a certain range of styles.  For example, Warrenwood Manor is best suited for events styled with rustic, southern, vintage and/or traditional elements as opposed to modern, industrial or coastal styling.  So, choose a venue that fits with your inspiration images and words.  The further a venue is from your desired style, the more money and time you will have to spend to make it something that it isn’t.  Additionally, the date of your event will determine whether or not events can be held outdoors which in turn can narrow your options for certain style elements.  For example, you would want to host a earthy woodland style event outdoors, but a modern, fine-arts style event would be okay indoors anytime of year.

Your event color palette is the final foundational element of your event design.  The season and venue you choose can help guide this decision.  Pastels for spring and jewel tones for fall aren’t steadfast rules, but they are common choices since they compliment seasonal surrounds and are readily available for floral design.  When selecting the colors for your event you should also consider what will look good in your venue, what looks good on camera, what looks good on people, what makes food look appetizing and what will make your centerpieces pop.  Once you have a color palette, you’ve laid the foundation for your event design.  Below you’ll find some great examples of weddings that were styled based on the season and be on the lookout for our next blog post: Wedding & Event Styling 102!

Event Styling: Real Wedding Examples of Seasonal Color Palettes

Event Styling: Spring barn wedding in ivory, blush and lavender. Photographed by Honey Heart Photography
Spring wedding photographed by Honey Heart Photography
Event Styling: Spring barn wedding with pink accents and greenery. Photographed by Kevin & Anna Photography
Spring wedding photographed by Kevin & Anna Photography


Event Styling: Summer barn wedding with cobalt blue, orange and pink accents. Photographed by Jessica Moore Photography
Summer wedding photographed by Jessica Moore Photography
Event Styling: Summer barn wedding with wild flowers and rustic details. Photographed by Cassie Lopez Photography
Summer wedding photographed by Cassie Lopez Photography
Event Styling: Fall outdoor wedding ceremony and barn reception in merlot, blush and gold. Photographed by Hilly Photography
Fall wedding photographed by Hilly Photography
Event Styling: Fall barn wedding ceremony with merlot, pink and white details. Photographed by Daring Tales of Darling Bones
Fall wedding photographed by Daring Tales of Darling Bones

For more event styling tips and tricks check out our follow up blog post “Wedding and Event Styling 102: 10 Event Styling Tips & Tricks”.