30 Questions To Discuss With Your Bartender

30 Questions for Bartender
30 Questions for Bartender

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is deal with a last minute bar issue.  The bar at your wedding can be completely handled by your caterer, but oftentimes couples choose to take care of at least parts of the bar related tasks.  To help prevent problems and miscommunication, we think it is important to discuss these 30 questions with your bartender.

30 Questions To Discuss With Your Bartender

  1. Is your bartender STAR (Server Training in Alcohol Regulations) certified?
  2. Will it be an open bar or cash bar? Note that certain venues will have restrictions on what type of bar you can have based on their location.
  3. Is self-service allowed at your venue?
  4. What type of alcohol will be served?
  5. Will there be a signature drink for the event?
  6. Who is providing the alcohol, mixers and garnishes?
  7. How much of each type of alcohol is needed?
  8. Who is setting up and cleaning up the bar?
  9. How long will be needed for setup and cleanup? 
  10. Where will the bar(s) be located?
  11. What tables and linens are needed for the bar?  
  12. Who is providing the tables and linens?
  13. What will drinks be served in and who is providing?
  14. Will regular non-alcoholic drink service be done at the bar too?
  15. Will there be a champagne toast?  If so, how will that work?
  16. How much ice will be needed? Who is providing the ice? How will the ice be stored?
  17. How will drinks be chilled and who is responsible for doing so?
  18. How many guests are of drinking age?  
  19. How many bartenders will be needed to serve your number of guests?
  20. Is more than one bar needed in order to avoid lines?
  21. What time will the bartender arrive?
  22. What time does the bar open?
  23. What time is last call?
  24. What will happen to left over alcohol?
  25. How will the bar menu be displayed?
  26. Are there restrictions on how alcohol can be service? (i.e. Are shots, drinking games, keg stands, etc. allowed?)
  27. Who is responsible for bar trash?
  28. Does anything need to be rented for the bar? (i.e. drink dispensers, coolers, etc.)
  29. Will the bartender, bar and/or alcohol need to be relocated during the event?  If so, when and where?
  30. Is there any specialty bar equipment needed for your event?

To get further into the nitty gritty of bar planning, check out 7 Steps to Successful Wedding Bar Planning and How to Buy Alcohol for Your Wedding.  There are really helpful rules of thumb that can take the guess work out of buying and organizing your wedding bar.

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