10 Tips for Wedding Setup & Cleanup

Tips for wedding setup and cleanup, flowers by Fields in Bloom, photo by Brandi Potter Photography
Tips for wedding setup and cleanup, flowers by Fields in Bloom, photo by Brandi Potter Photography

Wedding setup and cleanup can be a major source of stress.  Even if you have excellent vendors and a solid team of helpers, someone still has to have a plan and execute that plan.  We have put together 10 tips for wedding setup and cleanup in an effort to keep all you soon-to-be brides sane as your wedding day approaches.

  1. Do as much as you can in advance.  Time to slip by since the wedding planning process is so lengthy, but if you plan on spreading out the tasks throughout your engagement you won’t be overwhelmed in the end.  If possible avoid doing any assembly, crafting or shopping the week of the wedding.
  2. Organize your STUFF.  It is really helpful to label boxes as to what they contain and where they go at the venue.  For example, use the general labels categories prep, ceremony and reception or use more specific labels like guestbook table, cake table, etc.  You can also print/draw pictures of exactly how you want things setup and/or inspiration images and put the images in the box so that anyone can handle the setup.
  3. Create an event floor plan.  It is much easier, for most point, to visualize the space from a floor plan with all the tables and chairs in place.  Putting lots of labels and descriptions on the floor plan can help eliminate a bunch of questions and thus save you time.
  4. Have a schedule.  Everything will take longer than you think so create a conservative schedule of what needs to be done when and who is responsible for doing it.  It is also a good idea to add an hour of cushion time for the unexpected. You want to leave plenty of time to relax and get ready before event starts.
  5. Be smart about delegating tasks.  Make sure you are assigning tasks that fit the person’s skills and abilities.  It is important not to ask too much of any one person since you want all your guests to be able to enjoy the celebration.
  6. Create an operations center.  Find a central location at the venue to keep commonly needed items (scissors, tools, tape, etc.), checklists, schedules and the floor plan.  All your helpers will know were to go to find what they need.
  7. Know the venue rules and expectations.  Read your venue contract, ask questions and get advice from the venue staff.  You don’t want to plan something only to find out that it won’t work at your venue or it isn’t allowed.  All venues have different rules on how the venue can be altered and how it is to be left at the end of the night.
  8. Don’t underestimate cleanup.  We find that our clients oftentimes don’t allot enough time to pack up all their belongs and don’t request enough help.  By the end of the night people are tired and the logistics of what goes where can be complicated.  Labeled boxes and checklists help with cleanup just as much as they do with setup.
  9. Coordinate the transportation of STUFF.  Plan how everything will be transported to and from the venue.  Provide adequate packing materials and overestimate the space you’ll need in order to prevent issues.  Remember, don’t count on your car if you are not staying to help clean up.  Also, you will have some items like flower arrangements and leftover food that came from vendors, but will need to have a place to go after the event.
  10. Take care of your team.  Food, fun and appreciation go a long way to show your vendors and helpers how thankful you are for their assistance.  Have snacks and water available throughout the day or even plan to feed them a meal while they’re working.  To keep the mood stress-free and upbeat play some tunes.  And last but not least, don’t forget to express your appreciation so how.

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